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Thank you for your interest in taking piano lessons from my studio! If you press the button below and leave me a message, and I will be sure to contact you to set up your introductory meeting. At the interview, we will go over your goals and studio info and see if we are a good fit as a teacher and student. In my studio, we work hard and celebrate every step of your musical journey. I look forward to making music with you!

-Dr. Tunstall

Private Piano Lessons

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Whether you are a novice, or serious about performing, you've come to the right place! K-12 & adults, beginner to advanced, each student has a truly customized lesson plan to fit their learning style best. Utilizing a good mix of standard curriculum (RCM/MTNA/Suzuki/Dalcroze) with student favorites of any genre or style, the focus is on correct practicing, confidence in expression, and strong music literacy. Private lessons are reinforced by ensemble rehearsals and recitals, leading to confident playing in different environments. All piano students must have an acoustic piano for practice. Lessons are given once a week for 60, 75, or 90 minutes. Visiting students are also welcome for drop-ins for audition/competition/proficiency test purposes. 

Private: 60-min/$106, 75-min/$132, 90-min/$158 per session

Theory/Composition/Ear Training


Music theory lessons actively integrate aural skills (ear training) in order to develop skills and knowledge essential for students' musical activities, such as performing, composing, improvising, and listening. This instruction can be either topic-based or sequential, depending on student goals (local/state exams for K-12, high school AP music, college level, or teacher certifications, etc.). Topics include: rhythm & meter; major/minor scales; key signatures; triads & inversions; 7th chords; extended harmonies (9th, 11th, 13th chords); phrase structure and cadences; harmonic progression; modulation, form & analysis, voice leading, counterpoint, and harmonization.

60-min/$100 Private music theory

90-min/$148 Private music theory + ear training

Online Lessons


Online lessons are a good substitute for in-person lessons in the case of short-term topic-based learning, inclement weather, or social distancing restrictions. High quality microphones and a Focusrite interface are utilized to create an engaging Zoom lesson experience. Lesson topics feature a wealth of possibility, here are some examples:

  • 6 Weeks: Intro to chord styling & improv - 2 prescribed excerpts, 2 songs of student choice (Level 2 & up)

  • 6 Weeks: Compose an original song and be able to perform it on piano (Level 4 & up)

  • 4 Weeks: Analyze 2 Bach counterpoint pieces such as Invention, Sinfonia & WTC (Theory)

  • 4 Weeks: Practice real-time analysis on bass/chord movement of 8 excerpts (Theory/Aural Skills)

  • 5 Weeks: Interval identification featuring excerpts from 10 Disney songs (Aural Skills)

  • 5 Weeks: Learn Harry Potter theme and improvise your own solo on piano (Level 5 & up)


Private (year-round): 60-min/$106, 75-min/$132 90-min/$158

Adult Piano


The goal is to play something beautiful and satisfying right from the beginning! Student interests take top priority and I make the standard curriculum work for each student's need. Benefits include a focus on natural and relaxed technique, cognitive/memory stimulation, and overall life enhancement. Play the songs you always dreamed of playing!

Beginner's first 6 weeks:

  • All 24 major & minor penta scales & root position triads 

  • 1 fast piece (orientation of keyboard geography & sense of Home (I) and Away (V))

  • 1 slow piece (orientation of expressive tone quality through arms & upper body)

  • 2-3 short reading pieces (intro to intervallic reading)

  • A sneak peek of how you can learn to play your favorite songs quickly


Private: 60-min/$106, 75-min/$130, 90-min/$158

Chamber Music Coaching


Playing with other musicians is fun, fulfilling, and offers a whole new dimension of understanding a composition overall. I offer coaching for standard chamber music repertoire from piano trios to larger ensembles with strings and woodwinds, as well as choir rehearsals. I also enjoy making special arrangements for piano trio/quartet in particular for intermediate level pianists to experience chamber music at an earlier stage in their development using masterworks and popular songs. Some of my arrangements that my students enjoyed playing with professional guest artists are:

  • Mozart's piano sonata K.545 arranged for trio: piano, violin & cello

  • Kreisler's Liebesleid arranged for quartet: 2 pianists, violin & cello

  • Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody arranged for quartet: 3 pianists & electric guitar

  • Burgmuller's etudes arranged for trio: piano, flute, and bassoon


60-min/$192 per small group

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