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Hi! I'm Bomi.

Pianist, Chamber Musician, Theory/Aural Skills Teacher

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B. Tunstall - Chopin Andante Spianato

Thank you for stopping by! With every student, my goal is to transform natural ability into confident expression. Just as a great poet draws on an extensive knowledge of the mechanics of language to craft a beautiful verse, a pianist must gain proficiency in both the technical and artistic aspects of their instrument in order to create a compelling performance. To achieve this, I focus on helping you to:

  • Learn piano properly and build a good set of practice habits, because this creates confidence and longevity in your playing.

  • Demonstrate fluency in your understanding of musical concepts both aurally and visually, so that your playing can tell a good story.

  • Build efficient skills in extractive reading and listening. Music theory should actively integrate aural skills and come alive in one's performing, composing, improvising, and listening.

“Bomi is always able to explain the musical direction of the pieces we work on, but she gives me lots of freedom to explore myself. I never feel locked into an interpretation, but rather I feel like I’m discovering it with her. The greatest part of our lesson is how she really explains the differences of how they should be played. We go over so much in our lessons, and I always feel like I’ve made progress when I leave…She is really friendly, which makes it easy to talk to her whenever I have a problem or don’t understand something.”

- Vicky P. (music minor at Johns Hopkins University, Level 10)