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Online Piano Lessons

Welcome to my online piano studio!

Thanks to many technological advancements online lessons are now a great way to learn the piano. This platform can connect teachers and students anywhere in the world. I look forward to the opportunity to teach your child(ren) and help each student reach their musical goals.

Online Piano Lessons


  • Weekly private lessons via video conferencing services using Rock Out Loud Live, Zoom, or RingCentral (you will be given a link for your lesson)

  • K-12 and adult students are welcome to enroll

  • The overhead camera will show you my hands and demonstrations

  • You will see me marking your scores during the lessons & receive PDFs

  • I use Focusrite interface for high-quality audio, high-quality external microphone set, and mic/headset microphone

  • Step-by-step long-term sequence or short term topic-based lessons

  • Classical, pop/rock, traditional piano, commercial piano

To ensure your lessons are successful, please read the following information to have a proper setup.

Minimum Equipment Requirements for Students

  • A free account on one of the following meeting platforms: Rock Out Loud Live, Zoom, or RingCentral. We’ll discuss which one will be best for our needs.

  • Acoustic piano or a digital piano with 88 touch-sensitive keys with a pedal.

  • Computer or an iPad with a high-speed internet connection. The faster the connection, the better the audio and video quality of our lessons.

Optional Equipment

These additions will contribute to the best online piano lesson experience possible:

Audio & Video Suggestions

Here are a few ways to create an even better video and audio experience for your online piano lessons.

  • Always connect your ethernet cord from your laptop to your modem. This will help to eliminate some of the lag time that can be experienced during online piano lessons.

  • Keep your computer or iPad fully charged before your lesson

  • Position your microphone so that it can pick up the sound of your voice without picking up other sounds around you.

  • You may choose to use a headset instead of external speakers to reduce echo.

  • Use a laptop computer or a newer iPad instead of another type of tablet or smartphone.


  • Lessons are given according to the studio calendar and students will adhere to the Studio Policy.

  • Your piano books and materials will be determined after your introductory lesson and I will ship them to you from online bookstores.

  • If the connection is not established, I will send you another meeting link. If that doesn't work, we will try a different meeting platform.

  • Lessons canceled with less than 24-hours notice will not be refunded. See the Studio Policy for details.

  • Monthly tuition installments are due by the 1st of each month.

  • For younger students age 8 and under, a parent/guardian must be nearby and available to help during the lessons.


Please use the contact form to contact me for current tuition rates.

  • Tuition payments are made by Venmo or check, received by the first of each month for weekly lessons.

  • No lessons will be taught if payment has not been received.

  • An invoice will be sent to you once the registration is complete.

  • Please read the Studio Policy for details.

Let’s Get Started!

  • First, contact me via this form for current tuition rates and availability.

  • Once I receive your inquiry, I will contact you to set up an interview. When we meet online, we will have an introductory lesson, get to know each other, test the equipment, and schedule your weekly lessons.

  • Complete registration and payment and we will begin your weekly lessons.

  • On your lesson day, have your equipment ready to go and login to your meeting a few minutes before your lesson time. I'll join the meeting for your lesson time.

  • You are always welcome to email me if you have any questions.

  • I look forward to becoming your piano teacher and helping you reach your musical goals!


What Sets My Studio Apart?

My studio is unique from most others in this region for several reasons. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • I teach piano with reading and aural skills well balanced, aiming to "speak" the emotions. Developing the confidence to be a compelling musical storyteller will positively impact other areas of students' lives.

  • Students will learn how to practice properly and specifically in order to be independent musicians.

  • My teaching style and examples adjust according to each student's learning style and ability.

  • Both note reading and lead sheet reading are taught earlier on. This enables enjoyment in many genres of music (classical, pop, jazz, rock, broadway, etc.) as well as improvising and composition skills.

  • Students benefit from my creative examples and 'disguised' music theory concepts. I instill music theory right from the beginning in sound and have my students experience it first. I love the moment that students go "Oh, I already know that," which means all we have to do is label the concept with a term.

  • If you are returning to the piano as an adult, you can expect a new refreshing approach to learning with more enjoyment with beautiful pieces.

  • We perform many ensemble works and it's so much fun to play together! Normally, we do lots of duets and quartets, but now that the online option is here, we can do anything we want!

  • My students are involved in a variety of programs and performance opportunities throughout the year. My studio has featured numerous state and regional winners in juried assessments and programs through the Royal Conservatory of Music and Music Teachers' National Association.

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