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(4/12/22) Baby Birds


Just the other day, a family of birds built a beautiful nest to foster their hatchlings! These four newly-born sparrows have been keeping their parents busy feeding, watching over them, and singing. They definitely have been hearing lots of piano music from the studio!

(8/4/22) Welcome to Fall 2022!


Hi everybody! Great job making it to the last week of summer piano. This Friday is the last day of makeup lessons and the 1st lesson of the Fall starts on the week of 8/15. Read the PDF below and get your spot reserved for 2022-2023 academic year. So excited for new piano journeys with all of you! Play piano and be amazing!

Capture 2.JPG

(5/26/22) Happy Ending to the Spring Semester


Alejandro definitely brightened up my day and I hope he'll brighten yours too! To me, piano ensembles mean friendship. How great is it to have four hands playing together on one piano? It's a very special thing piano can offer! You are a natural, Alejandro - Bravo!

(4/25/22) Bella's First Lesson


Today was Bella's first lesson, so exciting! She is the youngest pianist in our studio (barely 3)! She is making progress already and feeling every beat. I have landed on the mix of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Suzuki methods, which suits her learning style very well so far. Welcome, Bella!


(11/8/22) End of the Year Lesson Dates

As we approach the exciting holidays and end of the year, below are the lesson dates.

  • 11/23 Wed - 11/25 Fri: No lessons (Thanksgiving break)

  • 11/28 Mon - 12/16 Fri: Normal lessons

  • 12/19 Mon - 12/30 Fri: No lessons (Winter break)                                       

  • 1/2 Mon - Lessons resume

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