(5/26/22) Happy Ending to the Spring Semester


Alejandro definitely brightened up my day and I hope he'll brighten yours too! To me, piano ensembles mean friendship. How great is it to have four hands playing together on one piano? It's a very special thing piano can offer! You are a natural, Alejandro - Bravo!

(4/25/22) Bella's First Lesson


Today was Bella's first lesson, so exciting! She is the youngest pianist in our studio (barely 3)! She is making progress already and feeling every beat. I have landed on the mix of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Suzuki methods, which suits her learning style very well so far. Welcome, Bella!


(4/12/22) Baby Birds


Just the other day, a family of birds built a beautiful nest to foster their hatchlings! These four newly-born sparrows have been keeping their parents busy feeding, watching over them, and singing. They definitely have been hearing lots of piano music from the studio!